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Live Concerts From a Wing of an Airliner Home.

A new concert option:  Superb music rendered from a wing of a scintillating aerospace home.  Nihongo de.

Next events:

1 October 2016 (perhaps also 30 September):  Yuko Pomily

3 October 2016:  Tessa Seymour

All Guests:  Be certain to read the "Concert Environment and Logistics" section below. (Updated 26 Sep 2016.)

Direct from Tokyo, magical Yuko Pomily will grace us with our first concert on 1 October 2016!
Let her penetrate your heart and move your soul from 1:00 pm to very roughly 3:30 pm.

(A more informal publicly open warm-up performance on 30 September may be added as well.)

Email to register. Include the number of people in your party and the number and type of each vehicle you'll need to park near the event. Please carpool whenever possible.

A $20 donation to help offset round trip flight expenses from Tokyo is requested but not required (including the 30 September performance if held). Kids are free.

Yuko-san is Japanese and sings solely in Japanese, so many won't understand her words. But her heart and the beauty and fun of her art are universal, so language wall notwithstanding, her music and passion are genuinely exhilarating and a deeply heartwarming treat. Translation for informal conversations after her performances will be available.

Then sublime and acclaimed cellist Tessa Seymour will perform a one hour solo concert of exquisite classical music on 3 October.
Let her inspire you with her creative and highly refined artistry from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

See to register. Please also email with the number of people in your party and the number and type of each vehicle you'll need to park near the event. Please carpool whenever possible.

This performance will be held inside the 727 cabin. (Unless, at Tessa's discretion, uncharacteristically pleasant evening conditions make an outdoor event more appealing.)

Tickets are $25 at the door to support this fine event. Availability is highly limited.

Tessa, a renowned talent with high standing at Carnegie Hall and Washington DC Kennedy Center, is a very rare treat, especially in such an intimate and remote setting. So join us to savor a world class talent as if a country neighbor.

More about Yuko Pomily

A fountain of gleaming charm and creative skill with a beautiful transparent heart, Yuko-san truly stirs the soul.

Yuko-san has produced three CDs to date, and a forth is in early composition now. Her published CDs can be acquired at CD Baby (Happy Rhythms, Dreaming, Pomiano), iTunes, and many other distributors.

"Yuko Pomily-san magically leverages the core power of music by creating a uniquely direct path from her pure heart to ours. Her voice is beautiful and clear, and she sings straight from the heart with remarkable clarity about our mutual life experiences. She renders our joys, sorrows, fun, and adventures with imaginative, beautiful, and highly engaging original music which connects to us with truly rare intimacy. Her music is superbly artistic and compelling, her heart pure and wise, and her messages are clear, articulate, and striking reflections of genuine human experience and passion. Once hooked on Pomily-san, we become fans for life. She is a Cosmic Treasure, and not to be missed." / Bruce Campbell.

More about Tessa Seymour

Tessa Seymour made her televised Carnegie Hall debut in 2006, and has since performed in Europe, Asia and the US as both a soloist and a chamber musician. Committed to a repertoire that cuts across genres and brings to life contemporary and established works alike, she has collaborated with and premiered the works of Matthias Pintscher, John Adams, David Ludwig, and Richard Danielpour. Recent appearances include concerts at Washington DC's Kennedy Center, and the US premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki's Suite for Solo Cello at Carnegie Hall. Tessa is the recipient of, among others, the Verbier Festival's "Jean-Nicolas Firmenich" prize for cello, and was named Jack Kent Cooke Scholar in 2010. She is a regular performer at the Verbier Festival, Napa Valley's Festival del Sole, and the Dresden Music Festival.

"Great chops, penetrating musical intelligence and steely determination wrapped up in a glamorous package." Carter Brey, New York Philharmonic.

"A unique talent as a genuine creative musical artist - a powerful and disruptive voice." Ford Mylius Lallerstedt, Curtis Institute of Music.

Weather Considerations

The current forecast for Saturday, 1 May, it rainy and cold, alas. So Saturday's concert will likely be inside the cabin where space is highly limited. Although quite chilly on Friday, 30 September, generally dry conditions are forecast. So we'll do our best to hold a genuine wing concert that day. If so please dress very warmly and come for that day's event if you can. Please monitor this section often for further updates.

Concert Environment and Logistics (Updated 26 Sep 2016.)

1.   All guests must carefully read and heed all the safety and other information and fully accept all the legal disclaimers on the visitor's information page prior to arrival. Children must be managed accordingly at all times.

2.   This is both a completely informal rural forest setting and a long term construction site. Please wear practical country clothing. Athletic shoes such as tennis or running shoes are best for footwear. Slippers are required in the cabin - all guests must remove their outdoor shoes as they enter. Please take extra warm clothing since the temperature might be quite chilly, even inside the aircraft.

3.   Artists usually perform on the right wing of my Boeing 727 home. Guests should enjoy the performance primarily in the grassy area in front of the wing, but some other grounds areas may be available too. Outdoor chairs are not provided, and only about 22 indoor chairs are available, so please take portable chairs for sitting or blankets for picnic style seating on the grass or similar. To enhance safety, guests won't normally be allowed on either wing nor in certain other areas.

4.   Food and drink won't be provided, but for outdoor performances you may take and consume food or drink if doing so doesn't unreasonably disturb nearby guests. Alcohol consumption must be carefully limited to insure maintenance of full sobriety at all times.

5.   Only limited forest area parking is available on my site. In general vehicles will be guided to a parking location. Please use your smallest available vehicle as space and maneuvering room is minimal. If overflow conditions occur neighboring property might be available, necessitating a minimum 15 minute walk or a longer duration shuttle ride.

6.   Please arrive quite early, especially for Yuko-san's performances. Due to uncertain factors involving parking logistics a substantial amount of extra time might be required to arrange your parking, and a delayed shuttle from a remote parking area might be involved.

7.   Yuko-san's concerts are, frankly, hastily planned and executed, so there'll likely be some awkwardness and possibly even some serious problems. Please treat these events as highly informal and ad hoc in nature, country casual in style, and as an experience development process. Tessa's indoor concert is expected to be reasonably straightforward and problem free. Irrespective of how smoothly the logistics unfold, in both cases the artists are world class and we're remarkably lucky they're willing to grace this humble stage.

8.   If the weather is quite foul for Yuko-san's concerts they'll be held in the cabin of the aircraft, which has limited capacity for guests, necessitating a first come first served guest restriction. For indoor events all guests must listen carefully to an emergency exit tutorial, and might be asked to participate in an emergency exit practice exercise. Wing exits which require some physical fitness and experience will be involved.

9.   All personal devices must be set to quiet mode during a performance. If a phone conversation is necessary move well away from audience areas before starting the conversation.

10.   Please don't treat the safety warnings lightly. They're not simply an exercise in legal posturing - serious dangers really exist here. Enjoy yourselves, but remain fully vigilant and thoroughly sober at all times.

11.   Please contact me via email if you can contribute help by loaning audio equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, an electronic keyboard, or related cables, provide a nearby parking area, partner in grounds improvement work, or otherwise help refine these events.

12.   These events may be publicized on other sites or in alternate media so long as is clearly included in a prominent location so people will know where to find full information, and reasonable event accuracy is maintained.

Event location information.

Information subject to change without notice. Please monitor this site for the latest information.

Yuko Pomily:  Uniquely superb original music by a truly remarkable young composer and performer.  Purchase her magic.

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